B & W Body Shop Services

You Need To Know...

  1. Customers have the right to choose their repair shop and must authorize repairs; insurance companies cannot.

    1. Three estimates are NOT required.
    2. Customers are NOT required to use an insurance company's "preferred" shop.
    3. Customers have the right to be informed as to the repair procedure as well as the type of parts to be used in the repair.
  2. Most of our customers were not expecting to need our services. Accidents happen in a split second and are at the very least upsetting . Do not add to your emotional burden by choosing the wrong repair shop.

  3. If you research websites, listen to radio ads, and watch TV commercials, the terminology of collision repair can be overwhelming. Not everyone speaks "body shop". The fact is that several area shops produce quality products and most have the latest equipment. Look for the intangibles.

  4. We strive to be as professional as your banker and as personal as your hairdresser. B & W Body Shop, Inc. was built on repeat customers and customer recommendations. That practice has worked for over 50 years and continues to be our main source of business. Interview us.

  5. Insurance companies pay for over 80% of repair jobs in our shop. Some deal with shop and claimants (you) straight forwardly and fairly, others fall short. We deal with all companies and know what to expect. Let us be your consultant.

  6. Some shops are a direct repair program (DRP) designated facility for certain insurance companies. These shops have entered into an agreement whereby claims handling can be done electronically through the shop and no insurance representative needs to physically inspect the vehicle. Even though these shops have met certain criteria, they are not necessarily superior to non-DRP shops. Some insurance companies require discounts from theshop ,as well as dictate repair methods in order for the shop to be considered a "preferred" repair facility. You, not the insurance company, need to select your shop.

  7. Insurance companies may dictate the choice of replacement parts through the terms of your policy. We prefer the use of new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts but some insurance companies may insist on the use of used or aftermarket parts. We will inform you, as car owner, if such parts have been requested. Alternative parts will not be used unless you as vehicle owner agree.

  8. Alternative parts may reduce the repaired value of your vehicle, void warranties, or reduce structural integrity; however, in some situations use of these parts is appropriate. We will honestly evaluate the appropriateness and quality of alternative parts and tell you, the owner, the truth. Again, trust of the shop is critical.

  9. We warranty our work. Insurance companies do not repair vehicles. Therefore, only the shop can be held responsible for a warranty.